About Us

About Security Latest

Security Latest is an internet company that shares up-to-date security advice on a wide range of topics: home security, online security, vehicle security, travel security, self defense and general safety. We also conduct reviews of relevant security and safety equipment.

We started as a small website that shared information on how to protect one’s home from burglars. Over a period of a few months our content picked up in Google rankings as many readers found our advice to be very helpful. We then decided to broaden our topics by implementing travel, vehicle and cyber security advice as well as more detailed product reviews.

Currently Security Latest is run by its founder Luka Baron who is both chief editor and main writer, while also relying on professional freelancers for writing some of the content.

Even when hiring writers, we still make sure to fact check statistics and other information before publishing any article. Having said that, information on Security Latest is often supported by statistics from government agencies and/or the result of interviews conducted with qualified experts on the topic.

What also makes Security Latest go beyond most of our competitors is an engaging, down-to-earth writing style. We want our readers to be both entertained and well-informed on the latest security trends, products and ideas.

About Luka Baron

I’m Luka Baron, the founder, editor and main writer of Security Latest. I’m a 27 year old entrepreneur with a considerable professional background in the security industry.

It was during my teenage years that I fell in love with technology and especially security equipment such as cameras, alarms and GPS devices. I’ve also worked in this industry as a security guard in night clubs and tourist resorts.

During 2016. I began freelance writing for clients online. Then I decided to share my knowledge and passion directly with my readers by creating my first website, Soundproof Advice.

I worked with my uncle Perry in construction and our soundproofing gigs were quite interesting which led me to create that website. Since many people found Soundproof Advice to be helpful, I decided to also create Security Latest since I’m passionate about security.

It didn’t take long for people to notice that the information I was putting out is well researched and helpful. Now Security Latest has over 10 000 readers every month, which is quite an achievement for a relatively new website.

My ambition is to make Security Latest the go-to website for security and safety advice. To help my readers make the best choice for protecting themselves and their loved ones.

So without touting my own horn any further, feel free to browse all the content and most importantly: stay safe out there!