Baby Monitoring With Smartphone App or Tablet (Full Guide)

Do you want to be constantly reassured about your baby’s condition? No need for an elaborate monitoring system:

You just need a smartphone or a tablet!

This is a very affordable solution with many advantages, you can for example monitor your baby from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Simply set up a monitoring app on your devices and point one at the crib. Not too far away, but not too close either. The distance should be adequate so you can see what’s going on properly.    

Monitoring your baby with your smartphone: How does it work?

At least two smartphones

  1. Take your old smartphone out of the closet.
  2. Otherwise, ask around for an old-fashioned smartphone.

You do not need a subscription for it because you will only be using your wifi network.

Download a baby monitor app for Android or iPhone

  1. Choose the application that suits you best.
  2. Download it to the old smartphone as well as to the device you are currently using.

Several applications are available, we will detail them later in this article.


  1. Make sure your two devices are connected to the same wifi network.
  2. Open the app on both devices.
  3. The configuration software will offer to pair your two devices by launching a detection.
  4. A password will then appear which must be saved in the other device.

All you have to do is select the child and parent device option and monitoring can start!

Installation on a support

  1. It is recommended not to place the smartphone too far from the child, as this may not be seen correctly.
  2. Conversely, depending on its age, make sure that it is not too accessible!

There are perfect tricks like the flexible Gooseneck bed phone holder mount: a suitable clamp which will allow you to clip the support on the upright of your baby’s bed and the flexible rod will let you orient the camera as you wish:

Monitor your baby with a tablet

The applications can also be installed on a tablet or on another connected object such as an Apple watch (link to Amazon) for example. It’s a very good option if you don’t have an old smartphone in the cupboards!

The operation is exactly the same, you download the application, you pair it with your smartphone or any other connected device and you’re done!

There are also flexible supports suitable for tablets, such as the Gooseneck Tablet Holder:

Optimal monitoring without limits

Whether with a smartphone, a tablet or any other connected object, you benefit from the same exclusive advantages

Unlimited distance

Unlike conventional monitoring systems, you do not need to be in the next room or within 60 meters of the baby. You can be in the garden, or go to the supermarket or see friends while having your baby entrusted to a babysitter. As long as you have an internet connection, you can hear and see the baby.

Option Talkie Walkie

Most applications offer you the possibility to talk to your child to reassure him or to put a little nursery rhyme to help him go back to sleep. You can interact with your child remotely without having to travel.

Option SMS/remote monitoring

These applications contain various options such as sending an SMS as soon as a noise occurs or a slight vibration to warn you of a change of atmosphere in the room. You don’t have to look at your device every 5 minutes, the app will notify you.

Multi-device monitoring

You can connect multiple devices at the same time on the same application. So you can monitor your baby more than one. For example, you just need to pass the settings on to your mother or baby-sitter to share the connection.

Data protection

Some parents worry about shared images:

Can someone else access it?

Isn’t it risky to put videos of your child sleeping on the internet?

Rest assured, the images are only shared between people who have the password automatically generated by your device. The risk of hacking is very minimal. For more security, make sure you have a password protected wifi network and make it as complicated as possible.

I already have a baby monitor, can I use it with my smartphone?

Yes! You absolutely can.

Some manufacturers have gone ahead of the current trend and allow their baby monitor to connect to your smartphone or any other connected device. 

The operation is the same as with a classic pairing system with a password. Philips , Belkin , Tigex and Babymoov have some great examples of connected baby monitors.

The best apps

There are many apps on the market to monitor your baby with a smartphone or tablet. They are available on Android and iPhone systems .

We have identified the best for you but beware, they are not free:

Cloud Baby monitor

A very modern application with all the options included. You can listen to your baby, talk to him, sing a song for him. You receive alerts as soon as it moves or makes a noise. As a bonus, the program contains several nursery rhymes and the possibility of turning on a light from a distance to better distinguish details in the dark.

You can also use this application on a mac computer.

Download Cloud Baby Monitor on the app store .

Are you sleeping

This app is popular on Android. It also allows you to communicate with your child and sends you small vibrations so as not to disturb you if your baby moves. It can be installed on any device with Android.

Download Dormi from Google Play .

Baby Monitor 3G

An application available for both iPhone and Android . It can be downloaded to any type of smartphone or connected device you have. It offers the same options and the same guarantees as Dormi or Cloud Baby monitor .

Download Baby Monitor 3G on Google play .

Download Baby Monitor 3G from the App Store .

There are free applications such as Baby monitor (Trial) on Android or Baby Phone Universel on the App Store , but they have some disadvantages. In addition to the regular advertisements and announcements, it seems that they are not as optimized as their premium competition. The device sometimes goes into standby mode by itself and they work better on wifi.


Monitoring your baby has never been more convenient. No need to plan a surveillance budget and now go with peace of mind to the movies, do your shopping or see friends. The application is easy to use and can be installed on all types of connected devices. It allows you to keep an eye on your darling baby wherever you are and safely!

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