4 Ways to Lock a Sliding Barn Door From the Outside and Inside

In this article I’ll show you how to lock a sliding barn door from the outside and from the inside. Locking a sliding barn door from the outside is definitely trickier, but there are a few options available.

To lock it from the inside is much easier. But in some situations your only option might be to do it from the outside. For example if it’s an exterior sliding barn door and you have no other passage door available. In that case, these are the easiest ways to do it.

How to lock a sliding barn door from outside:

1. A hasp and a padlock

Definitely the easiest way to secure a barn door from the outside is a hasp and padlock combination. It’s easy to install and allows you to firmly lock the closed barn door in place. It’s also super affordable, costing around $20 or less.

Pro Tip: I recommend getting the Master Lock Locking Hasp (link to Amazon) because it’s made from zinc plated hardened steel which is both strong and weather-resistant. Combine it with a Master Lock Combination Padlock (this one fits perfectly) and you’re all set.

2. Padlock option for double sliding barn doors

This is a solid option for double sliding barn doors:

  • Hook them together with a padlock.
  • Then use a simple hook and eye on the inside between the door jamb and each door. On both left and right side.

This will prevent anyone from lifting it off the rail or pulling the bottom away.

How to lock a sliding barn door from inside:

1. SMARTSTANDARD Barn Door Latch Lock

This is an excellent latch lock (link to Amazon) made from high quality steel for privacy. For example, a bathroom or a bedroom sliding barn door.

It features a fan shaped blade that you insert into the opening installed on the wall in order to lock the door. All necessary parts are included in the set.

There are also multiple sizes and colors available on the product page. Definitely a best buy, considering the fact it’s under $10 at the moment of writing.

2. Wrought Iron Heavy Duty Hook and Eye Latch

Similar to the SMARTSTANARD latch lock, this hook-and-eye latch lock works in a similar manner. When the door is closed, place the hook into the eye (that sounds painful!) to lock the barn door from the inside.

This lock can be used for locking windows, shutters, barns, sliding and double doors, gates, garage and shed doors. It can also be used as a door stopper.

It’s also an affordable option, costing around $15. See the current price and reviews on Amazon.

Final Word: How to Lock a Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barn doors don’t provide as much locking options as other doors. But you don’t need many options. You just need one that works well. And these are arguably the best (and only) options worth considering.

They’re used by thousands of people to protect their privacy in interior settings and to protect their property with exterior sliding barn doors. Hope this helps!

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