4 Best Security Cameras Under $50 in 2022! (Indoor & Outdoor)

Security cameras are an essential piece of technology for keeping a home, store or an office safe. And while price is often reflective of the quality of a security camera, that’s not always the case.

There are many models nowadays that are dirt cheap but provide very good video quality and extra features like motion sensor, WiFi connectivity with notifications, 2-way audio and solid night vision.

Also, sometimes you just need a cheaper camera as a deterrent or a “just in case something goes wrong” sorta device. If you were safeguarding a bank vault of course you’d invest in an expensive camera.

But what’s the chance of a burglar stumbling upon your small apartment or house and deciding to rob it? In the rare case that this indeed happens, having a decent, affordable camera is often enough keep the baddies away.

So with that being said, these are the top 4 budget security cameras under $50:

1. Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera

The Wyze Cam really delivers on multiple fronts. It’s an indoor camera with full HD video quality of 1080p AND night vision. It’s also very accessible through mobile device, allowing live streaming AND two-way audio.

Live streaming can be shared with multiple people, so you can share the same stream with you family members or roommates for example. Just have them install the app and invite them to your account.

Most importantly, it has motion and sound recording with FREE CLOUD STORAGE. So when motion or sound is detected, the camera records 12 second video and saves it for 14 days free. Or you can record continuously by using a MicroSD card for extra storage. Furthermore, you can toggle the notifications on/off to be immediately alerted in case of motion or sound detection.

On top of this, Wyze camera can be voice controlled with Alexa and Google Assistant. Having said that, Wyze Cam is only compatible with the 2. 4GHz WiFi network (does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi) and Apple (iOS) and Android mobile devices.

So there are many pluses to this camera. On top of it being an indoor camera, some users have even installed it outside and the video quality is pretty great. You can check that example among the Amazon product page user reviews.

Overall this is my #1 choice in terms of price and overall quality. The price at the moment of writing is around $25. To check the current price and more user reviews see Wyze camera on Amazon.

2. TMEZON HD CCTV Security Camera Indoor/Outdoor Camera

If you’re looking for the cheapest camera possible that still provides decent video quality this is the ultimate choice. TMEZON provides 960H video and high color resolution.

It’s also waterproof, so you can definitely install it outdoors as well. It has infrared vision up to 80ft/20m distance. It can be plugged into any DVR, TV or security monitor.

Besides the subpar video quality when compared with more expensive models, TMEZON is also covered with plastic, which does make it more vulnerable to extreme weather conditions or having someone throw rocks at it etc.

But considering that it’s around $12 at the moment of writing, this is an excellent additional camera to monitor windows or for indoor use.

See user reviews and more info on Amazon.

3. MORVELLI FullHD 1080p WiFi Home Security Camera

This camera is just under $50 at the moment of writing, and it’s an excellent camera for indoor monitoring. Both because of its crystal clear 1920 x 1080 video resolution quality, perfect night vision AND because of its high quality app.

The app is super quick and easy to use due to a well designed interface so it’s no wonder it has over 30 000 five star reviews, making it one of the most positively rated security cams.

On top of this it provides high sensitivity motion detection and immediate alerts. The channel through which the alerts flow is protected with advanced encryption, so it provides extra protection against hackers.

Also, Morvelli works with Alexa Echo, iOS, Android, Tablet, iPad and has a 12 month warranty with an excellent customer service available 24/7!

The only downside to this camera is that it’s not really suited for outdoor use. But for indoor it’s more than enough for monitoring rooms in your home, office etc.

Check the current price and more info on Amazon.

4. Decko Wifi Outdoor Scurity Camera

Looking for a security camera with simple, slick design and proven quality? Then I’ve got just the camera for you! It’s under $40 and has all the features a security conscious person could ask for:

  • adjustable motion detection with motion recording and real-time alert through app
  • bright floodlights and full-color night vision
  • 360 degrees viewing angle
  • two way audio
  • weatherproof certification
  • Wifi and recording storage with built in SD memory card slot (you’ll need to buy a memory card independently)

This camera is pure quality and for a really affordable price. You can find many snapshots from videos posted by reviewers on Amazon product page to see if that’s the quality you’re looking for or not. Overall I consider this to be one of the best budget cameras of all time thanks to its reliable sturdy construction and care for the essentials.

Check out the current price, reviews and more info on Amazon.

How to Buy a Great Yet Cheap Security Camera:

Before you make the choice on buying any security camera ask yourself which features are most important to you. These are the most important features to consider:

  • indoor, outdoor or both?
  • durability (thin plastic is least durable, metal casings are often better suited for outdoor use)
  • video quality and angle width (it’s best to check out customer reviews on product page for actual snapshots)
  • night vision
  • two-way audio (some people like this for delivery and other reasons, others who are less tech savy usually don’t use this feature)
  • motion detection (adjustable motion detection is great because you can adjust sensitivity of the detector and the zone that is monitored)
  • Alexa compatibility
  • storage space for recordings (is it free, or do you have to buy cloud storage space? The cameras on this list can be upgraded with a memory card for extra storage space)
  • live streaming (all the cams on this list offer live streaming)
  • design (is it suitable for your home, office etc.)

So take these considerations into mind and you’ll make a better purchase in the end. Hope this helps!

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