How to Make a Fence Taller & Improve Privacy

A high fence can provide your property with extra privacy and security. If you have a relatively low fence at the moment, you’ll find this information helpful. Because I’ll share with you the best ways to make a fence taller. By extending fence height you can get rid of some annoying or outright dangerous situations:

  • neighbors and strangers checking your yard or house when you’re not comfortable with it
  • potential burglars checking to see if you’re at home
  • burglars looking for easy-to-steal items left out in the open
  • burglars can climb over a lower fence, so having a higher barrier can significantly improve your home security

These are the best methods you can use to make your fence a few inches taller or more:

1. Plant bamboo near the existing fence

Bamboo can grow into a really large barrier, but it doesn’t take much space. You can plant it near the fence and at its peak it can add a feet or two in height. It’s an excellent natural screen that can also add a “tropical paradise” look to your backyard.

There is one catch however with bamboo; it’s an invasive plant. So you’ll want to surround it with strong barriers. Best option is to plant bamboo in reliable beds or containers.

2. Get a trellis for climbing plants

A trellis can act as a high barrier and shield you from any onlookers. Perhaps you especially don’t want to be disturbed while reading a book, doing yoga, meditating, swimming in the pool? Whatever the case may be, position the trellis so that your most important privacy concern is taken care of.

If your yard/garden is fairly small a trellis or two can be a huge improvement for your privacy. It obviously depends on the size of your property and the dimensions of the trellis. You can obviously get multiple trellises to cover a larger area, or build a really large one yourself.

Another wonderful thing about having a trellis is showcasing climbing plants and flowering vines. Combined with colorful plants, it can create a magical atmosphere in any outdoor setting. You can also cover it with various imitations. The Artificial Faux Ivy Leaf Decorative Fence Screen is a popular choice among homeowners and there are 8 different dimensions available on the product page.

Pro tip: I love the USA-made Dura-Trel Trellis from Amazon, which looks excellent when placed near a vinyl or a wooden fence. It’s arguably the best choice for privacy. Mainly because it’s pretty tall and wide (2 x 57 x 96 inches) so it might be able to extend the height of your fence as well.

3. Plant thorny shrubs on the outside of the fence

Similar to planting bamboo, you can plant evergreen trees and shrubbery that grows tall. You can also plant thorny shrubs on the other side of the fence.

This isn’t a way to really make the fence taller, but it will prevent others from walking near the fence and taking a look inside.

If your fence is currently high enough that a regular passerby has to stand on his toes to take a peak, this can be a great solution. If it’s too low, the shrubs probably won’t do much for privacy, unless they’re tall enough to act as a privacy screen.

4. Secure a privacy screen to a chain link fence

A chain link fence is usually high enough because it’s installed for security purposes. But when it comes to privacy it’s the worst type of fence out there.

But it’s super easy to improve the privacy because there are many privacy screens available. Just adhere and secure the screen to any part of the fence where you want additional privacy. It’s an easy and cost-effective solution.

The Fence Source Wave Slat (link to Amazon) is a bottom-locking privacy slat that comes in 9 colors and 5 different heights. If you’re looking for a simple and durable privacy addition that can withstand tough weather for years to come, this is a great choice.

Another great choice is the Heavy Duty Privacy Screen by Windscreen (link to Amazon). There are 200 (!) different dimensions available so you’ll definitely be able to find one that matches your fence without having to combine multiple screens.

5. Install a two-way talk, motion detecting security camera

An intruder or nosy neighbor is less likely to cause trouble if there’s a security camera on the premise. Installing a security camera on the fence or a nearby object is a simple way to improve privacy AND security on your property.

There are many outdoor security cameras that can get the job done. For pure deterrence, you can even place a few fake cameras that cost around $5 a piece. Or you can get a fully functioning camera or two.

In that case, I suggest getting one with WiFi connectivity, motion sensor and solid night vision. I currently use the Soliom camera (see on Amazon) that’s solar powered and really low maintenance. It has excellent night vision, WiFi, motion detection, can work on almost any temperature and it has two-way talk!

Imagine receiving a notification from your camera on your smartphone or laptop. The motion sensor got triggered and someone is by your fence, taking a peak inside. You check out who it is, and then turn on the two-way talk and ask the person “How you doin?” in Joey’s voice. Now that’s nostalgic! Or you can put on your intimidating voice and scare them for life.

Final Thoughts: How to Make a Fence Taller and Improve Privacy

Your fence is the first privacy and security barrier separating your property from the outside world. By making sure that people can’t look through or climb over the fence you will be much safer and relaxed.

Combining tall plants or climbers with a trellis can add height to the fence. Thorny plants can make it more difficult for those outside to approach the fence in the first place.

Lastly, using security cameras for deterrence and for catching voyeurs or straight-out burglars in the act will let them know you’re not easy prey. Hope this helps!

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