10 Best Locks for Moving Trucks in 2022: Padlocks, Disc, Keyless..

We all know that a good old padlock with a good design can more than make up for a security gap in your outdoor storage, or even at the back of your moving truck.

But, times have changed, much has improved, and security has become better than ever. Let’s take a look at the different types of locks for moving trucks and the best ones from each category.

Types of Locks Available for Use in Moving trucks

Keyless Lock

This type of lock doesn’t require a key to open it, instead, you would need to punch in a series of numbers or combinations to unlock it. This type of lock has long since evolved from being used on the front doors of residences, bicycle chains, to today at the backs of moving trucks.

Other advantages to this type include: that this lock is virtually almost impossible to pick. Moreover, other than not needing a key, you can even share the key combination to persons that you trust. This is so they too can have access. Conversely, some disadvantages are:

What if someone hacks the information and uses it to do unauthorized access?

What if the owner forgets the combination?

Looks like you must have a failsafe plan for your number combination by having a copy of it somewhere else safe, other than your memory.


This type of lock is a portable lock that comes with a shackle that can be passed through an opening such as a chain link. This is to prevent theft or even vandalism. The advantage to the padlock is, if you lose your key there is always a ready replacement of the same cut. This type of lock is very versatile and can be used virtually on anything that has a closed loop.

However, on the downside, it is known that this lock can be easily picked by burglars. Even more so, bolt cutters can cut through a padlock. Albeit, not as easy but it will do the job effectively.

Disc lock

A disc lock is designed in such a way that the hasp or u-shape of this lock cannot be reached by a bolt cutter. This lock has become an industry standard when it came to storage security as it started out as the preferred lock for self-storage, then was finally adopted for moving trucks. Other than being known as the lock that is bolt cutter proof, it is also very difficult to pick, if even it was possible at all.

Picking a disc lock would require a certain amount of skill and a lot of time to successfully open it. Plus, it also needs a special set of tools. This lock is also oblivious to a hammer strike, possibly making it one of the toughest designs for locks in the market today.

For anyone to actually break a disc lock they would have to use a grinder., and that would not work for any thief. The grinder is way too loud and would cause a ruckus.

So let’s check out the best locks available at the moment, with aff links to Amazon so you can check the current best price for yourself.

10 Best Locks for Moving Trucks

#1 Sargent & Greenleaf 951C

This item could possibly be the mother of all locks when it comes to durability and security. Built for the military and is now commercially available, it was primarily designed for securing ammunition and other high-value military items.

It is equipped with no less than a high-security commercial-grade Medeco key cylinder, cast stainless steel body, and the mix of unconventional materials for maximum resistance against common cutting and drilling attacks. This monster of a lock contains ceramic inserts to repel cutting and has an anti-drill shield that prevents any drill from punching through.


  • High-level military-grade security guaranteed to last a lifetime
  • Virtually indestructible against common burglar attacks
  • Almost a collector’s item, very unique to own.


  • Pricey. Costs 5 times as much, or even more
  • Weighs 4.5 Lbs.

Check current price on Amazon.

# 2 Abus Granit

This lock has a 25,000 pound-force of tensile strength. Meaning, it can withstand an impact of around 6 tons or more. It has a hardened steel bottom plate that would resist attack from below the lock. This item is considered to be one of the most secure padlocks worldwide.

Using high-quality materials along with its robust finishing, this lock is a perfect example of what a German-made sentinel is composed of. With its luminous keys and its Black Granit’s finishing, this lock is also very highly resistant to corrosion.


  • A shrouded shackle is double protection for double security
  • This lock is hard to pick due to its unique core
  • Has different models for custom-tailored security
  • Has a great reputation as a product that is preferred by insurance companies


  • Needs a hasp that is strong enough and big enough to use in storage locks and other applications

Check current price on Amazon.

#3 Abloy PL362

This is a very large lock that gives you that feeling of security along with some peace of mind. It has a disk detainer system that holds more than 2 billion key combinations. It is virtually undecodable with any ordinary decoder.

It features a top-loaded cylinder for strong drill resistance. It has a grade 6 hardened steel body with boron steel shackles and shoulders that are raised. It can resist attacks such as grinding, cutting, drilling, and prying.

Its keyway is far recessed in its body, making it very very hard to pick. You could say that this is the smaller version of Sargent lock, but in some ways more practical for locking other items as well.


  • This lock is virtually unpickable unless you have a rare decoder on hand
  • The Abloy is significantly cheaper than the Sargent but almost as invincible.
  • Its hard body construction allows for greater resistance to attacks
  • It has 2 billion key combinations and is almost impossible to crack


  • Shackle might be too big for regular-sized links

Check current price on Amazon.

#4 Stanley Hardened Steel Lock

Shrouded and hardened, this item is at ASTM Security Grade 4. Its hardened steel body is made for protection from attacks, and its Molybdenum steel shackle is able to resist sawing and cutting attacks as well.

This lock is also upgradeable with its changeable core. Affordable and robust, it is a favorite among budget-conscious and quality seeking users.

It has built-in hard plates that resist drilling, and with its Schlage 6 pin score and security driver pins, allows you to have some added peace of mind. In the event that you might be needing more security, you can always repin the padlock or reorder the core.


  • This lock’s hard construction makes for added protection and security
  • It is cheap but has outstanding quality, makes for a great deal
  • It has a changeable core for added security
  • It is very hard to pick or pry.


  • Some issues with the spring locking mechanism

Check current price on Amazon.

#5 ABUS 20/70 Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock

The disc-like shape of this lock forms a unique and effective defense from attacks. Because of the small space on the shackle, it is virtually bolt cutter- proof and wrench resistant.

With the entire thing made out of solid stainless steel, it is corrosion resistant making it perfect for outdoor use such as gates, barns, vans, trucks, etc.

The ABUS-Plus disc cylinder affords the best protection against manipulation with a high number of key differs. Added to that, to prevent loss, the key itself is retained on to the padlock until it is locked.


  • This item is almost indestructible to blunt force attacks and also is hard to pick
  • It has excellent corrosion resistance due to its stainless steel make up inside and out of the lock
  • Bolt-cutter proof
  • Impossible to attack shackle


  • Because of the small space in and around the shackle, some hasps don’t fit this lock. Although it has its own custom made hasp, it is sold separately

Check current price on Amazon.

#6 Oria Combination Lock

This lock is made out of zinc alloy and plated steel making it very robust and resistant to attacks. It is also waterproof and rust-resistant which also makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications such as cabinets, storage, and warehousing.

The combinations on this lock are resettable which makes it unpredictable, and in a way adds to its security. It has a 4-digit combination which offers a total of 10,000 possibilities. This lock is perfect for bags and lockers.

This lock is a bit of an eye candy, much more even so its performance. The Oria Lock is tough and compact as it overachieves even on medium to light applications such as lockers and bags. And of course, it provides the convenience of having the key in your head which reduces the risk of security breach. Easier than losing a physical key somewhere else.


  • This item made out of tough materials that help resist attacks
  • It is weatherproof and waterproof
  • It can do up to 10,000 combinations for added security
  • With its solid-state mechanism, it opens smoothly and easily. And numbers are easy to identify as well.


  • Lock is too big for standard luggage and too small for moving trucks
  • Not as strong as most reinforced high-security locks

Check current price on Amazon.

#7 Medeco M3 5/16 Shrouded Padlock

This padlock boasts of boron alloy steel shackle that resists cutting as it also exhibits great tensile strength by effectively holding off pulling attacks. The alloy itself ensures that the shackle remains ductile and will not become brittle. It is right of the bat, a high-security solution for many applications including indoor or outdoor.

The Medeco M3 core design has a triple locking action making it impervious to picking. The cylinder is made out of hardened stainless steel containing inserts to repel against drilling, pulling and all kinds of attacks. Key programs are patented to prevent unauthorized duplication.

Notably, the hardened steel shroud even protects the hardened steel shackle which makes it doubly secure from cutting.


  • This lock has a shrouded steel shackle alloy for added security
  • It has a tough exterior
  • It is almost impossible to pick
  • Weather and waterproof. It won’t rust even when exposed to saltwater.


  • You might have some trouble using it in a Uhaul, meaning you will have to use a compatible hasp for it to be a good lock for moving trucks.

Check current price on Amazon.

#8 Master Lock Padlock 3 KALF

This lock has a reinforced laminated steel body that provides extra strength, and a 1-1/2 inch tall 9/32 inch in diameter hardened steel shackle for great cut resistance. It contains a non-rekeyable , four-pin W1 cylinder that discourages picking.

Its commercial-grade build ultimately features superior resistance from drilling and prying. It also features a dual ball bearing that also enhances resistance to prying. It is great for indoor or outdoor use.


  • This item is not impervious to picking, but is not an easy pick either, as compared to other locks of the same category
  • It has a nice heavy and sturdy feel to it.
  • Very easy to use, perfect for locking storage and moving trucks


  • Do not leave outside for months on end under extreme weather, for it may possibly lock up due to rust.

Check current price on Amazon.

#9 Yale Y220/51/118/1 Weather Proof Padlock

This lock is specially built for multipurpose outdoor use. It is practically weatherproof and it is made out of brass satin chrome body with boron steel shackles that can resist cutting. This item is up there at security rating 4.

Sporting a protective black weather-resistant cover, this lock’s steel body is protected from rusting. This lock is perfect for outdoor applications such as garages, sheds, gates, outdoor storage, moving trucks, etc. Additionally, the Yale Y220 has a keyway cover cap to further protect the interior components from rusting.


  • Yale is one of the most trusted brands in locks since 1868. They have since been the leader in the lock business in the last few decades before other brands came to fore.
  • This item works well for both indoor and outdoor use
  • There is a significant resistance to rusting due to its unique outer cover
  • It comes with 2 additional keys in case you lose the main one.


  • This lock is pickable
  • May also be vulnerable to blunt force attacks

Check current price on Amazon.

#10 Abus 83CS/55-300 Rekeyable Padlock

The Abus 83CS’s body and shackle are made of hardened steel which makes it very resistant to corrosion. The shackle is protected by a solid steel guard to resist blunt force attacks. This item features a fast rekeying process which saves you time and effort of having to deal with many variants for other shackle lengths or key retention.

This lock doesn’t release your key when it’s not locked, thus adding to the security of your key from being lost or misplaced. The ABUS 83CS can also be converted from key retaining to non-key retaining within seconds. Its Nano protect plating technology further reinforces this lock’s resistance to corrosion.

The shrouded shackle on this lock makes it bolt-cutter proof.


  • With its Nanotech plating, this lock is perfect for outdoor applications such as, marine, storage, gates, valuable items box, moving trucks
  • This lock feels hefty which usually indicates strength, durability, and resistance to attacks
  • It has a rekeyable lock for added security
  • The cylinder of this lock may be taken out and rekeyed to match an existing key


  • Right out of the box, this lock has to be taken to a locksmith to be keyed. You might incur some additional expenses, plus the time that it will take you when going to the locksmith. Even though it is for added security it is somehow inconvenient.

Check current price on Amazon.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Lock for Your Moving Truck

Having seen the different benefits and key features of the best locks for moving trucks 2020, here are some of the things that you need to consider when choosing a lock for your truck:

Anti-drill Plate

Extra hard plates on the body of the lock prevents a drill from making serious inroads on to the surface of the lock. This then secures it from such attacks.


A lock with a good metal alloy shroud does well when a burglar who wants to cut the shackle may only do so if he is able to cut through the shroud. Fortunately, the weird shape, strength, and angle of the shroud usually deter any would-be-thief from using a bolt cutter to try and cut either of the two. Most of the time it doesn’t succeed.


Choose a lock that is made out of at least a boron alloy steel shackle or something of similar strength materials. These types of metal composites can definitely deter a bolt cutter attack. The burglar may then have to use a grinder, but then again the noise just won’t “cut” it.

Weight and Size

If a lock feels hefty in your hand and is a little bit larger than your average padlock, chances are, plates have been added and some quality metal alloy may have been used in its construction. This makes the lock impervious to blunt force attack. Weight and size may be added to your consideration among all other qualities mentioned above.

Choose a Disc Lock Instead

A disc lock may shortcut all of your requirements for a good moving truck padlock. Because of its disc-like design coupled with sturdy stainless steel material build, it can make it really hard to break apart using a blunt force attack. The shackle itself is only also partially exposed in a way that the bolt cutter’s teeth would not fit enough for it to make the cut. Again, a grinder will still not be an option since it would really be too loud and obvious.

Overall, you can always choose a lock depending on your budget and the scale of the application that you need to secure. Nevertheless, you can never go wrong with a trusty padlock anytime, anywhere. Lock and load.

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