Skateboard Security: Top 8 Simple Anti-Theft Solutions!

If you can’t bring your board in a certain place and have to leave it unattended it’s obviously a very easy target for thieves.

Many people carry their skateboard in a large bag wherever they go and that’s really the best option you have; to keep it by your side at all times.

But if that’s not an option here are some other things you can do:

1. Lock your board to a bike rack or a pole

This is the easiest option. Just like locking up a bike to a pole or a rack you can do the same thing with a skateboard.

The only difference is that you might be limited to using a thinner cable or chain depending on what part of the skateboard you pull it over/through. That’s why there are security cables made specifically for locking skateboards and similar items.

One of the most popular solutions is this steel braided loop cable (link to Amazon). It’s a 4-foot braided steel cable coated in vinyl for scratch prevention. It’s lightweight and compact so it doesn’t take much room in a backpack for example.

The lock is a 4-digit combination lock. The lockable loop circumference is fixed at 11″ (28 cm) which is enough for medium and smaller sized poles and basically any bike rack.

If your board has holes for the handle, that’s the ideal place to pull a security cable through. Some people will place the lockable loop between the board and the wheels instead. See what works best for your skateboard depending on its design.

2. Use a small vibration triggered alarm

Place a small, battery powered alarm on your board. If someone decides to pick up the board or move it in any way, it will trigger the alarm to produce 100+ dB of noise, alarming everyone around it.

The best alarm for this purpose is the Doberman ultra-slim alarm which is really affordable (under $10), requires only a small battery, has a simple on/off switch and a self-adhesive backside so you can easily place it anywhere on the board. I recommend placing it on the backside of the board (what is the backside will depend on how you place the board in this case), so that it’s not obvious.

This alarm strategy could easily fail, if the thief is fast enough to switch off the alarm. But what do you have to lose in that case anyway? Not more than $10. Or it could easily save your hundreds or thousands of dollars worth board from theft.

In most cases a thief will not bother figuring out how an alarm works while it’s beeping loud noise. They’ll rather walk away pretending that nothing happened than deal with the increased risk of getting caught by the owner, a cop or recorded by a passer by.

3. Use a large locker

If you’re using your skateboard at work, school or to get to the beach, you might have a large locker available to you. For example, many larger beaches have lockers for rent nowadays, so that could work in your favor.

Still, make sure to use your own padlock to secure the locker, otherwise an employee who has the key to the locker could steal it.

Locker theft happens more frequently than people think, especially in cheaper hostels and airports, as any seasoned traveler will tell you.

4. Get a skate pack or carry strap

One reason why people leave their board behind is because they would have to carry it in their hand and they’re too tired for that. And we’ve already acknowledged that skateboard security is best achieved by carrying it with you at all times.

So the best solution is to use a skateboard bag like this aesthetic and roomy backpack or a simple skateboard carry strap which will allow you to carry your board anywhere with much effort.

5. Get a board that folds in half

Some boards are longer than others. But what if you could fold your skateboard in half? Wouldn’t that make it much easier to carry in your backpack, store in a locker or simply carry by hand? It obviously would make a huge difference!

The best foldable board I’ve seen in real life is the Board Up Longboard for Travel (check price on Amazon). It’s really compact, foldable and slim design makes it really easy to carry.

There’s an aluminum alloy kickpad that triggers the middle hinge to easily fold in half. It’s safe for the fingers thanks to the in-built rubber bands that protect your fingers from getting pinched.

6. Keep the board in your vehicle

Your skateboard will always be safer behind closed doors than left outside. If you can leave it in your vehicle, it’s a good solution. However don’t forget to use some kind of cover, otherwise it can attract attention from thieves.

7. Don’t keep it unattended in public areas for too long

Even if you lock your board to a pole or a bike rack by using a security cable, it’s obviously not a 100% secure method. A thief could still cut the security cable or smash your board in anger instead.

But if you HAVE TO leave your board unattended, having some locking mechanism in place is still way better than having nothing.

If you’re only leaving the board for 15-30 minutes, there’s probably not much chance of a thief immediately jumping on the opportunity, unless you’re terribly unlucky.

Especially if you use a cable or a chain, which would require them to also have some tools on them as well to remove it.

8. Get a mini skateboard

A mini skateboard is much smaller than a standard skateboard. This makes it easier to carry so you can take it with you anywhere you go. After all, this is the best way to keep any possession safe, by having it with you, rather than leaving it outside.

This is a highly popular and affordable Elos board that you might like to consider for daily use. It only weighs 4 lbs but its sturdy enough to be used by adults.

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