Top 10 Security Backpacks for Travel in 2022: Tested Reviews!

Whether you’re travelling to your neighboring state or to the exotic beaches of Thailand, you can get mugged just as easily. Doesn’t sound very encouraging, and you may want to crawl up in your bed and never explore the world after reading this sad introduction. But I assure you, it’s not all gloom and doom.

Since you’ll probably be carrying most of your valuable possessions in your backpack, it’s pretty darn important that it’s an anti theft backpack. What do I mean by that? Well, not all backpacks are equally safe for carrying credit cards, money, laptop and other valuables.

It’s usually enough for a thief to walk behind you in a loud, crowded area and simply take anything they want from your backpack without you even noticing it until you’re back in the hotel. Or simply taking the stuff forcefully and running away for good.

Another problem with a regular backpack is that you have to always keep on eye on it. If you forget it for a moment, for example going to a toilet in a restaurant, someone could snatch it or just open it and take whatever’s inside.

Freelancers working in coffee shops are especially prone to this. They typically leave their laptops out in the open when they go to the restroom. By the time they return it vanishes into thin air. It’s magic! But if they had a security backpack, they could place the laptop inside, lock the laptop compartment, and then secure the backpack to the table or any other heavy object.

There’s nothing worse than having your documents and money stolen, especially when you’re far away from home. And there’s no better device for increasing your security then a secure backpack.

Anti Theft Backpack Buying Guide

These are the main features to consider when buying a secure backpack:


Make sure that the backpack is large enough for your needs. If you plan on carrying a laptop, camera and a hardcover Bhagavad Gita, you’ll obviously need a lot of space. Plan accordingly.


I personally don’t like when a backpack has too many small compartments. I prefer a moderate amount of separate spaces that are more “roomy”. It makes it easier to find stuff when you need to. Heck, I’m thinking about donating my jacket away because it has too many pockets and has led to some embarrassing situations on checkout counters and in bars.


Zippers are terribly important. If they don’t close properly, it’s an obvious safety issue from a security and weather angle. And if the zippers get stuck and can’t open fully, you won’t be able to remove stuff from your backpack unless you claw your way through, which will ruin the zipper even further. I recommend backpacks with YKK zippers because they’re the best, end of story.


A security backpack wouldn’t be secure without the ability to lock the various compartments. This is an essential part, so the only difference between each backpack in this regard is the quality and type of the locks. Combination locks are the safest option.


Some anti-theft backpacks have steel cables for connecting the backpack to other luggage. After all, it’s harder to steal a few heavy bags then just one.


A security backpack is typically made from lightweight but tough material that can’t be slashed through with a knife. Sometimes even steel wire mesh is mixed with softer materials to make it tougher.

A slashproof backpack can be locked to an immovable or heavy object for a period of time without worrying about someone cutting it loose which can come in handy when you’re in a restaurant, airport or library and have to go to the toilet for example.


Water-resistant construction is also a crucial feature of a secure backpack, so that you don’t need to worry about bad weather ruining your electronic devices and other belongings. All the backpacks on this list are both slashproof and waterproof.


Physically invading your personal space is not the only way thieves can leave you teary-eyed. For example, they could steal your money electronically if you carry cards. RFID protection pockets are used for safely storing cards that carry information electronically.


Secure backpacks often have secret pockets where you can store your most valuable possessions. Even if you forget to lock your backpack, you can be safe in the knowledge that cash, credit cards or your passport are well hidden and would take a lot of time to discover.


Some secure backpacks are pretty tough because they don’t have a good combination of smooth materials like cotton and rougher slashproof materials. For this article I found backpacks that are often praised for their comfort as well.

Top 10 Secure Backpacks for Travel in 2022.

So these are some of the main features that I looked for when I was reviewing these 10 backpacks. I also considered extra features such as USB ports, reflective strips for night time visibility, as well as pocket arrangement and overall design.

Pricing was also a big element in making this list. I excluded some backpacks that simply didn’t justify the big price tag and focused on best value within different price ranges.

1. Lapacker Anti-theft College Backpack

Organization at a whole new level: The smart and stylish Lapacker backpack has all the compartments and hidden pockets for those looking for max security. There are padded sleeves for packing in laptops, books, and lunch.

The deep compartments are ideal for safe placement of the contents in this bag. Likewise, there are pockets to keep small accessories like pens, wallets and of course, mobile phones. The easy to access two front pockets are ideal for carrying any other small accessories.

Extra security: The backpack has double layers of zippers that are well out of visibility and can withstand blade slits too. You will find a secret pocket in the bottom inside to keep your most valuable possessions. There is a pocket with three digit lock for the same purpose. The thieves will not be able to steal anything by cutting the bottom or side of the bags by any chance.

Size options: Lapacker offers these backpacks in five different styles and dimensions. This backpack though comes in the measurements of 11.4”x 2.7”x 16.9”. It’s big enough to carry a slim laptop, notebooks, and lunch with great comfort. Overall, it’s pretty light, weighing just 2 pounds.

Superior fabric lining: You can trust the high-density nylon fabric for giving the strength the bag needs. The water-resistant fabric is ideal for carrying the bag even in rain. It doesn’t require a rain cover at all. The surface is anti-scratch meaning your bag looks pretty new even after a rough ride. All you need to do is wipe it clean after a dusty road trip and it’s ready for its next outing. The backpack is also safe to pass through computer scanning at airports.

Comfortable padded lining: The innovative airflow backing system gives padding for easy and maximum back support. The adjustable shoulder straps give support and portability to a person carrying it for college, day trips, or regular use for an office. The shoulder straps also get padding and are shock absorbent making a bag ideal for everyone. The padding inside the bag is great to protect the laptops and other electronics that you carry from any impact or drop that are so common in everyday use.

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2. Kopavk 17 Inch Anti-Theft Backpack for Travel

Anti-Theft feature for Business Traveler: Every go-getter like you will be looking for things that are just smart. Here is Kopack travel anti-theft backpack. Smart looking and easy to carry, the additional features of security only heighten its appeal a notch more.

The brand Kopack, has bags in diverse size and the large backpack measures 20” with appropriate shoulder strap length to fit a person carrying it. What you will love about this is the fact that there are no zippers or pockets anywhere on the front.

So, there is no chance of anyone slipping into a pocket or sneaking out anything from your backpack pocket with you staying unaware. Sounds cool? Well, here’s more to it. The backpack has a zipper, which is totally hidden from view, thereby keeping your documents and items absolutely safe.

The Technological Edge: While traveling, you don’t want to risk losing your phone or other devices and still need to charge it from the airport lounge. No issues here at all. Kopack’s design is such that your bag gets an external USB port that comes with a cable too. Plug it to the device, which is inside your bag and the device to the plug point. That’s it! This keeps the device under your watchful eye and it still gets to charge.

Durable and Water-resistant: To start with, this backpack has a rain cover for the basic protection of a bag in case you are riding through the roads in rains. Further, the backpack has water-resistant fabric with ABS, making the contents remain dry even in rain. The durable fabric and lining keep the bag safe from dust and scratches too. This means you can use it at any time of the year and through any rough journey too. The shockproof inner container helps in keeping sensitive electronics like a camera and laptops safe even in a bumpy ride.

Compartmentalized Convenience: You can now say good-bye to a messy mix-up of clothes, wet and dry, and electronics. The professional backpack has slots for everything that you wish to carry as you travel. The backpack is spacious enough to accommodate laptop, phone, charger, and power bank beside clothes. However, the bag is not too bulky and has padded shoulder pads for easy portability. You can even rest assured that it can pass through scan points with ease.

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3. YOREPEK Extra Large Backpack

Multipurpose for the trendsetters: YOREPEK brand went high on style and strong on functionality while designing this backpack. It provides safety and durability for the users who want to travel without ever worrying about the safety of the bag’s contents.

The TSA-Friendly extra-large backpack is the multipurpose accessory to carry anything. The bag gets plenty of pockets and slots, making it easy for the users to carry their world in its compartments. You will also be able to pass this bag through the airport scanning machine.

Measurements and comfortable pockets: You will notice that YOREPEK brand measures as much as 19.4*x10.4*x14.96 and has a capacity of 45 liters. This just speaks of the space it has and the number of things you can pack for the week-long or longer trip you aim to take.

The bag has padded sleeves for carrying laptops that can be as small as 13” to ones as big as 17” with ease. There are around 20 or more such compartments for you to pack in all the other electronics, water, food, clothes and more. You will not have to worry about things mixing up too and result in a mess with so many compartments and pockets for your convenience.

Strength and Durability: You will not have to worry about the weight with this backpack. The finesse of the polyester fabric is not just good to look at, but also strong. What makes the bag even more reliable is the heavy-duty two-way waterproof zippers. This means you do not have to worry about the bag’s contents getting wet at all. The highlight of the backpack is a steel handle, which helps in carrying the bag with ease.

Comfortable with padding and functionality: The best aspect you will like about YOREPEK backpack is the padding you get on shoulders and for the back. The breathable mesh lining on the back and the honeycomb design on shoulder straps promote air circulation and prevent overheating. Further, the USB charging slot and cable from the bag allows you to charge electronics even while they remain inside the bag. It even has a headphone slot which allows you to listen to music without even removing the music player or phone from the bag.

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4. Pacsafe Metrosafe Daypack/Backpack

Flexibility: The Pacsafe 15-liter Metrosafe is one of the top backpacks on the market and sells at under $100. It’s simple design makes it a great choice for sight-seeing trips, short hiking trips, work and long travel. It’s compact, slim and attractive and looks good on both men and women.

Women especially love this backpack since it’s ideal for those of shorter stature. It is well balanced and when fully loaded to maximum weight it remains comfortably positioned and even on your back.

Roomy: Some people use this safety backpack and a shoulder bag together when travelling and find the combination excellent for weekend trips as no suitcase is needed. It offers enough room to carry an extra change of clothes and additional items like toiletries and ideal when you are on a flight. Its compact size when packed allows for it to fit underneath airplane seats.

Pacsafe has loads of internal organization while fitted with top of the line anti-theft technologies. Shoppers that purchased this daypack have used it for long 10 – 15 mile hikes without a problem and even when moving fast or running, it doesn’t move or swing.

Strong fabric: This anti-theft backpack is made from extra-strong Nylon and a Polyester lining. Its 15 liter volume can comfortably store a 13-inch laptop with a secure padded sleeve for protection. It weighs only 1.46 pounds making it lightweight and attractive. It is 16.54-inches in height, 11.61-inches wide and a depth of 5.12 inches. The straps are fully adjustable at a minimum length of 24.21-inches and maximum of 32.28-inches.

The interior is designed for comfort and convenience with several internal pockets where you can organize your gear. The main and front compartments are zippered with organization where you can store items like passport, phone, cards, wallet, etc. The sides of the anti-theft bag has 2 stretch pockets for drinks or water bottles too.

Safety improvements: It is fitted with hidden, lightweight eXomesh Slashguard wire mesh made from durable and lightweight stainless-steel, embedded into the fabric. This technology is superb against any potential slash and grab theft.

You have multiple layers of protection with Smart Zipper security and the Lockabout Security Clip as well as lockdown zipper points that prevent pickpocketing. Hacker scanning is also prevented and you can comfortably store your cards, id, etc. with the integrated GRIDsafe blocking material inside the zippered pockets.

The straps are wire-reinforced and adjustable with Carrysafe Slashguard thus preventing cut-and run theft of your bag. Whenever you are stationary you have a Turn and Lock security hook that you can secure to a fixture.


  • Integrated eXomesh Slashguard stainless steel wire mesh
  • Security clip
  • Locking zippers
  • Locks to stationary objects
  • Padded inner sleeve for laptop
  • RFID Blocking technology
  • Interior pockets
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder straps
  • Polyester and nylon materials
  • Four attractive colors
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Pen loop
  • Internal attachments for keys, phone, wallets
  • Internal pockets for organized gear


  • The pockets for the water bottles could have been larger as it does not take most larger bottles. This is not a deal breaker though, just inconvenient.

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5. Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack

Aesthetic: The Oscaurt is one of the most attractive travel backpacks on the market. Strangely, it’s also one of the most affordable ones. The reason is the minimalistic approach when it comes to design and features.

In soft grey with dark grey front, this compact unisex backpack combines many different styles. As a water-resistant bag, you can take it on hiking trips and day trips when you need to carry a few things with you.

It is perfect for work, capable of storing a 15.6-inch laptop while it also comes with a USB charging port. It is also great as a school bag and for travelling on an airplane since you will find it compact enough to fit under your seat.

Lightweight design: The Oscuart is lightweight and compact with measurements of 11.02 x 4.92 x 16.93. It is one of the few backpacks that was designed with everybody carrying a smartphone and laptop around with a USB charging port. The charging cable is on the inside while the charger remains outside making it ideal as travel bag, school bag and work bag too. However, you’ll need a power bank in order to keep the USB port powered.

Improved functionality: The functionality is great as well, with the main compartment 180 degrees adjustable. It offers multiple function pockets of varied sizes where you can store you laptop with a protective sleeve featuring velvet interior and elastic band sleeve. In addition, you have compartments for pens, smartphones, books, etc. on the sides you have two pockets that holds drinks or water bottles or even a small umbrella.

This backpack is night safe too with a reflective safety stripe on the bag’s front making it conspicuous at night. The back design and shoulder strap are designed for comfort. EVA materials are used for the back that protects you in comfort while the straps are padded and adjustable too. As far as appearance goes is the Oscuart very attractive and modern. While it has a minimalist exterior the interior is the opposite with multiple pockets of varied sizes.

Safety: The Oscuart has anti-theft design technology to ensure your belongings remain safe. The main pocket which unlocks completely when you unzip it, remains fully hidden when closed. The zipper is hidden underneath the overhanging flap which make unzipping it impossible while it is on your back. To keep your valuables like wallet and cards hidden it also features a secret pocket behind the bag.

The Oscuart lacks the usual anti-theft properties and technologies of most other safety-oriented bags, however, it does sell at a lower price, while you do have the hidden zipper for safety. For your personal safety when walking or hiking at night, it has reflective night stripe that ensures you are visible.


  • Multiple compartments including laptop sleeve, wallet pockets, phone pockets, pen sleeves
  • Hidden safe pocket in the back
  • Side pockets for umbrella or water bottles
  • Budget-friendly
  • Anti-theft design
  • Reflective stripe for night-time visibility
  • High-quality EVA material
  • Water-resistant coat
  • External USB charging port with built-in cable


  • When the bag is full the zipper shows
  • Could have more anti-theft technology

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6. Pacsafe Venturesafe Daypack/Backpack

Top shelf: The Pacsafe Venturesafe is one of the top anti-theft backpacks available on the market today. The one being reviewed is 15 Liter in size, but there’s a 25 Liter one with the same features. Aside from its excellent safety features, it doesn’t look too big and bulky.  It’s also one of the few backpacks that allows for carrying a laptop while being extremely lightweight.

Its compact size makes it an ideal unisex daypack and great for all ages. You can use it as laptop bag to college, school or work while you have enough room for lunch, drinks, snacks and your smartphone.

As a travel bag you know it is safe and nobody can scan your cards or id, while its safety features guard against any potential theft in crowded areas. It is a comfortable bag that acts equally well as a companion on hiking trips and when jogging or climbing because it stays in place and doesn’t swing on your back.

Clever design: Durable nylon is used, which also makes it waterproof. It is comfortable to carry even when packed, with padded shoulder straps and the sternum strap doubles as safety precaution as well as takes strain off your shoulders and back.

This 15-liter backpack has dimensions of 17-inches in height and 11-inches wide. It is geared at comfort all the way, weighing only 1.4 pounds. This anti-theft travel backpack has an inner padded sleeve to protect your laptop or tablet. The maximum laptop size is a 13-inch and most people prefer using it for a tablet instead to allow for space for other lightweight items. If you omit the laptop you will be able to carry more than enough food, a book, etc.

The padded shoulder straps are adjustable and also have side stretch pockets for water bottles. The front of the safety backpack is where your organizer compartments are located. Here you can keep your wallet, and small items like a phone, iPod, camera, battery pack, tissue paper, etc. The Pacsafe Venturesafe is black with light printed lining.

Safety features: The Pacsafe Venturesafe is an anti-slash travel bag from durable nylon. The sternum strap adds to its comfort while it offers additional safety. RFID blocking technology is used in the front compartment materials to keep bank card, id, etc. safe against theft. The strap is manufactured with Carrysafe Slashguard material that will prevent strap slashing while it also has Turn and Lock security Hooks for additional safety.

While you are at work or wherever you use your bag, you can hook it securely to a stationary object like a chair leg or a table. The main compartment’s zipper isn’t visible and as safety precaution the two zippers have loops on the sides to lock them together. The lightweight stainless-steel mesh integrated into the backpack’s body adds to its safety.


  • Outside compartment features RFID blocking material
  • Strong nylon material
  • eXomesh slash guard material
  • Security hook
  • Strap protection adjustable and padded shoulder straps
  • Stretch pockets for carrying a water bottle
  • Zippers lock together and secures to stationary objects
  • Laptop padded inner sleeve


  • Not suited for larger laptops

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7. Hanke Travel Backpack

This backpack has a simple laid back design. Not only does this make it stylish and modern, but it also makes it less conspicuous. The last thing you want when you’re carrying around an expensive laptop in your bag is to draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

The low key look that the bag offers right off the bat brings a sense of security to the owner. Oh, and wait, we are just getting started. Let’s explore some other features about this bag that give it an edge over other anti-theft bags.

Anti-theft layout: The main zipper that encloses the main storage compartment is hidden. This feature makes it really hard for a stranger to gain easy access to the contents of the bag since the zipper is completely obscured. In addition to this, there are two tight fitting side pockets and a back pocket that can be used to hold your water bottle and wipes.

The zipper pocket on the back side of the bag is hidden and can be used to store items you need quick unhindered access to such as your passport and keys. To put the icing on the cake, the bag comes with a hidden left pocket that isn’t visible from the outside, this comes in handy when you want to store away your phone and cash.

High quality material: It’s made from heavy-duty polyester material that is slash proof. No one can therefore slit off the straps of the bag and steal it off your back. Moreover, this same material is level 4 water resistant and therefore ensures the safety of your electronic devices inside the bag in rainy conditions. The polyester material is very durable and will make sure that you can use the bag everyday for a very long time.

Cozy: The straps of the bag are designed to have an ‘s-shape’. This gives the straps a curve that ensures the straps apply minimum pressure to your torso. The back side of the backpack is padded with cotton to reduce stress on your back.

Many compartments: Also worth mentioning is the numerous storage compartments within and outside the bag. Here is a quick run-down; two side pockets meant for a medium sized water bottle, two inside slots in the main compartment for your laptop and tablet, a single slot on the shoulder strap for your sunglasses or spectacles and several other slots for an assortment of items such as pens, cards, make-up and books.

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8. Charmore Women’s Backpack Purse

This is a nice-looking bag for women who want a secure bag that doesn’t look like one. The bag comes in multiple colors that would definitely suite your taste such as pink, beige, purple and even orange. Here are some key features about it that really stand out:

Solid security: The bag is made up of high quality soft synthetic leather. The straps are made of nylon which is very durable and very hard to cut in the event that a thief wants to cut through it and steal it right off your back. Moreover, both materials used to make the bag are water proof and hence safeguarding items inside the bag from being damaged by water.

Hidden back-zipper: The main compartment is secured by a well hidden back zipper. The zipper is located right behind your back and therefore it is nearly impossible for someone to gain unwarranted access to the main compartment without you noticing it. Moreover, there is also a hidden front side pocket that you can easily slip your phone or music player in to while you are on the go.

Triple-strap: The backpack comes with not two but three straps to carry around. Now how is that for convenience? Also worth mentioning for a second time is that the straps are made of durable anti-abrasive nylon material. Two straps are used to carry the bag as a normal carry on backpack and the third strap can be used to carry it as a shoulder bag. All the straps are adjustable so that you can make it fit your frame just right.

Pocket friendly: Last but not least is that the backpack has a retail price a little over 20 dollars. Now how is that for a bargain? It’s definitely a backpack to be on the look out for!

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9. eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack

The eBag is a real treat for the avid traveler. Why do i say this? Well just from the name you can tell that it has a very slim and compact design even when it’s full of stuff. This key feature enables it to have a snug fit in commercial plane storage compartments.

However, there is a catch to it, like all good things, it doesn’t come cheap. This backpack comes with a price tag close to 100 dollars. The question remains… is it worth it? I’ll let you decide for yourself, judging from the features below.

Secure Laptop and Tablet Compartment: The safety of your devices in this backpack has been made a priority by the manufacturers. The zippers that enclose the laptop as well as the tablet compartment are lockable to prevent unauthorized access by thieves. This will even give you peace of mind when you leave your bag behind in luggage compartments.

Ample storage space: A key feature worth taking note of is that the laptop compartment can fit a 17″ screen laptop. Moreover, the laptop compartment is separate from the tablet compartment. There is also a removable crush-proof pod that you can use to store your AC adapter in.

There is also a collapsible side pocket meant for your water bottle. When not in use, it closes up and looks like an ordinary slim design side pocket that gives the bag a more compact look. The front pocket has an organizer that opens up like a swing door. Inside the organizer are card pockets, mesh pockets, a key leash and even pen loops.

Suitable for travel: When traveling, this backpack is very easy to pair up with your rolling travel case. All you have to do is to stow away the straps and slip the bag through the travel case handle. The pass through sleeve will securely attach the backpack to the handle and you can roll all your luggage as one complete package. The backpack also comes with two carry-on options. You can carry the backpack on your back using the straps and as an alternative, you can also carry it through a side strap as a briefcase.

Comfy: The back side of the backpack is made up of a breathable back panel. The panel is made up of padded air mesh to reduce strain on your back as you carry the bag around even with heavy loads. In order to provide extra support, the bag also comes with an adjustable sternum strap that is easily removable.

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10. Lifewit Large Laptop Backpack for Men

This bag oozes of masculinity. The padded ribbed front side gives the backpack a robust look. In addition to this, the versatile design of the bag makes it suitable for use when going to school, work end even when traveling.

The material used to make this backpack as well as the level of craftsmanship employed to make it is on point. It will serve your storage needs and also give you a chance to make a fashion statement. How is that for eating your cake and having it too?

Anti-theft features: The backpack comes with a well hidden back pocket that is located right behind your lower back as you carry it around. The pocket is within hands reach and you can place things as well as remove them from the secure pocket while on the move.

The pocket comes in handy when you need to stow away valuable items within easy reach such as your phone and money. The pocket is designed in such a way that it blends in to the design of the back side of the bag.

The padding on the back side of the bag forms the storage compartment of the hidden pocket and it therefore takes a very keen eye to notice. This feature keeps prying hands from stealing valuables from the backpack.

Durable material: The backpack is made out of high quality nylon that is anti-tear. This not only enables the backpack to last for a longer time, but also safeguards the bag from theft in the event that a thief uses a blade to cut through the bag. The nylon is also water-proof and therefore you need not worry of having your electronic gadgets destroyed in the event of rain. The zippers are made of quality material to prevent them from snapping when strongly tagged. Moreover, the zip is reinforced by stitches to firmly hold it in place.

Large interior: This is a major highlight to this backpack. The main compartment can house a laptop with an 18″ display. The laptop compartment is secured with a padded anti-collision pocket to protect the laptop from shock. There is also a file section where you can store various paper documents as well as notebooks and magazines.

In the interior, there is an insulated storage compartment that can hold up to 3 cans of soda. If this isn’t enough, there are two side pockets to keep your water bottles in. The bag also comes with a shoe compartment to store a pair of shoes. If you are a sporty person, there is a Velcro loop that can hold a tennis racket and a ball tube.

Comfort: The straps of the backpack come with an s-shape to allow for even weight distribution along your torso. The backside of the bag has a breathable padded honeycomb that allows free air circulation along your back as you carry along the backpack. The back panel reduces the strain on you spinal cord by distributing weight evenly on the sides of your back. Also worth mentioning is that the bag is reasonably priced at just above 60 dollars. Now how is that for comfort?

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During your travels, chances are that you’ll keep many valuable possessions (especially electronics) in your backpack. When you’re in a new place, especially a new culture, you’re so immersed in your surroundings that paying attention to your stuff can become pretty difficult.

With an ordinary backpack you could easily get pick-pocketed from behind. Or someone could steal your backpack in a crowded area without you having any chance of catching them because they know all the alleyways and possibly assistance from the locals.

By having a secure bag you can drastically cut down on these risks because of all the security features that are part of the backpack’s design. So I hope that these reviews help you in buying the best secure backpack for your next trip!

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