10 Best Home Safes for 2022: Fireproof, Biometric, Wall Mounted..

Do you have loads of money, jewelry and perhaps even firearms in your home? You don’t have to share this information with me, it’s completely fine. I just want to tell you that storing these valuables in a home safe is the best thing you can do for your sanity.

When you’re forced to hide your cash in the mattress, the jewelry in old boots, and the firearm in a heavy box on top of the closet where it’s way out of reach when you might need it, it becomes obvious why a home safe is the most convenient storage solution for these and similar items.

What makes a great safe?

I went to great lengths to inspect the best home safes on offer in 2019. I especially focused on these features:

  • Fire & Water Protection – Protection against natural elements is a good feature to have. You can save a fortune by having your expensive items protected in case of a fire or a flood. Most of the safes on the list below have some fireproof capability. Typically those with an electronic lock or fingerprint scanner aren’t fireproof, but there are exceptions to this rule. I’ve mentioned whether this protection is available or not for each safe in the list below.
  • Material – Strong construction is important for preventing thieves from smashing the safe or cutting through it. Thick steel construction is the industry standard.
  • Lock-Type – Combination locks are still the most common lock type used for safes, even those used by commercial banks. However, smart locks with fingerprint scanners are becoming increasingly popular as well, while some affordable safes have a traditional lock and key. High quality biometric fingerprint scanners are the safest option (unless they have your finger!), followed by combination locks.
  • Temper Alerts – Some technologically advanced safes like the Verifi Smart Safe will send you an alert if someone tries to mess with it. It will also log those events with a timestamp so you’ll know if anyone tried to open it while you were away.
  • Size – What size is ideal depends on the amount of valuables you want to store in your safe, and the amount of space you have at home. Gather all of the items you want to store in one place. This will give you a good sense of how big your safe should be in order to store them properly.
  • Portability – There are 3 distinct types of home safes: portable, wall-mounted and anchored. Portable safes are convenient because you can move them around more easily, but they’re also less safe because they can be stolen more easily as well. But consider the fact that while some safes are considered portable, they’re so heavy that it would be really hard to steal them without special preparation. Furthermore you can bolt the safe to the ground, wall or another object to make it immovable.
  • Design – The interior part should be considered in case of functionality, and the exterior in terms of aesthetics. My advice is to go with a safe that would look nice in the room you plan on storing it.
  • Price – There are obviously differently priced safes, depending on protection quality, lock-type, size and all other relevant features. There are safes that cost as little as $25 and those that cost $1000 and more. What price you should aim for is of course highly subjective, as it depends on your budget.

My goal was to find the best safes that also had a realistic, affordable price. So I compared features and user experience of different safes that were in the same price range and picked the best ones. I did this with three price ranges: under $100, under $400 and under $1000 safes.

I also compared small safes with other small safes and larger ones with other larger safes to further narrow down the best ones. So this article is a result of double cross-examination. I’ve weeded out many safes that are currently on the market to find the best ones for this top 10 list, so I hope you’ll find it helpful:

10 Best Home Safes in 2022.

1. SentrySafe Fireproof Box

When buying a safe to protect your accumulated wealth, you don’t want to shoot for the cheapest one. But what if that cheap safe has been named the “Best Portable Safe” by Consumer Search? Than it’s something worth thinking about! SentrySafe Fireproof Box holds this title, and there are some good reasons for it.

First of all, it’s large enough to hold documents and smaller valuables, but compact enough to move it around when you have to.

It’s dimensions are:

Exterior: 12.2 in. W x 10.3 in. D x 6.1 in. H; Interior: 9.7 in. W x 7.3 in. D x 3.8 in. H; small capacity 0.15 cubic feet; weighs 11 pounds

But let’s examine the security features. It has a traditional key lock and it can withstand up to 1,550 °F for 30 minutes. It’s also waterproof. All pretty good! The main downside from a security perspective is that it’s a portable and pretty light, so a burglar could snatch it and open it somewhere else. But as I mentioned already, you can bolt it to the ground or another object to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Also, while a traditional key-lock system will be enough to stop most thieves who stumble upon it, it’s not as powerful as a combination lock or a finger scanner.

The most positive feature of this small safe is just how affordable it is. It costs less than $35, and it’s also on a big discount on Amazon at the moment of writing! Even if you plan on getting a bigger safe, this could come in handy in an office setting or to store cash, documents or jewelry while you’re on the go.


  • Less than $35 on Amazon makes it a best-buy option. 
  • Solid fireproof capabilities (can withstand 1,550 degree fire for up to 30 minutes).
  • Consumer Search named it the “Best Portable Safe” and it has a solid 4/5 star rating based on customer reviews on Amazon.


  • Relatively small.
  • Portable and lightweight, so it could get snatched unless you secure it to an immovable or heavy object.
  • It’s very simple, with only a traditional lock and key. This is okay, but if you’re interested in fancier features that provide extra security and that you can customize, such as biometric scanner, combination lock or break-in alerts, keep reading.

2. Protex Electronic Wall Safe

This wall-mounted safe from Amazon is pretty roomy and allows you to secure some larger valuables, including smaller firearms, like a handgun. The interior contains 2 removable shelves. Overall it has approximately .44 cubic feet of storage space, which is almost a .30 cubic feet advantage over the previous safe.

Considering how much interior space it has, and that it’s under $300 makes it the best buy option among small-to-medium sized safes.

It’s secured with an electronic locking system with a motorized locking bolt. The motorized bolt opens the door automatically when you unlock it by using the correct combination, which is pretty useful because there’s no lock to pick-pocket or manipulate in other ways.

Keep in mind that it’s designed to be mounted on the wall. This is a security advantage because the thief can’t remove it, without smashing the wall entirely which is highly unlikely. But you need to install it on the wall in the first place, or have someone else do it for you.

It’s dimensions will require you to install it between 16″ o/C wall studs. Dual live motorized chrome bolts (3/4″) that are necessary for installation come together with the safe. While this requires a bit of work, it’s a space saver at the same time.

This is a pretty solid anti-theft safe, but unfortunately it’s not fireproof. This is a significant minus in my opinion. However, you could place your documents, cash and similar items in fire-resistant bags. They can withstand up to 1000 degrees fahrenheit and are frequently purchased with this safe.


  • One of customer favorites, it has a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon.
  • Since it doesn’t protrude from the wall, you can hide it behind a poster, painting, bookshelf etc.
  • Thieves would have to unbolt it from the wall in order to steal it.
  • At under $200, it’s a real bargain.


  • It’s not fireproof.

3. Verifi Smart Safe

This is a smart safe, which means that it’s packed with high technology. The main feature to point out is the excellent fingerprint sensor.

Instead of carrying a key or having to enter a password or combination of any kind, you just have to press your finger to open the safe. It uses an FBI certified fingerprint sensor with 3D imaging, so you can rest assured that no one else will be able to open it. You can add or delete individual users who can have access by adding fingers, up to 40.

To ensure maximum security there is autolock, an access log, event log, temper alerts, and you can learn how to use every feature through built in tutorials. It goes without saying that it has a modern LCD display for using all of these features. It’s powered by 4 AA batteries which can power it for several years without needing replacement.

It’s made from sturdy steel construction which can’t be smashed open in any feasible way.

The dimensions are:

  • External size: (W)17.4″ X (D)16.1″ X (H)7.9″
  • Internal size: 17.1″(W)  X 11.8″(D)  X 7.3″(H)

So objectively speaking, it’s pretty lofty. But whether it’s large enough for you will depend on your requirements.

Another good thing is that it can be bolted on the wall for extra security. So when you take all of this into consideration, it’s another affordable choice at under $350 on Amazon.

Same as the previously reviewed safe, it’s not fireproof and that’s the main complaint. In this case as well I suggest using fireproof bags for storing cash and documents if you have any worries about fire hazards.


  • Super nice FBI biometric fingerprint scanner
  • Auto-lock ensures that when the door is locked it locks automatically.
  • Tamper alerts and event logs provide you with knowledge of what happened while you were away.
  • Self-checking diagnostics run in the background to ensure it works properly.
  • Keypad backup
  • Reassuring customer experience with over 300 reviews and average rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon.


  • It’s not fireproof.

4. Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault

If you’ve ever researched safes, you’ve definitely stumbled upon the USA-made Liberty safes because they’ve been around for a long time.  This is the most up-do-date Liberty safe with a biometric finger swipe system (link to Amazon).

It has one of the best scanners, with an extremely low fail-rate and improved accuracy. In other words, you don’t have to swipe more than once for the system to recognize your credentials. It’s also quite fast, taking just 1-2 seconds for recognition and door opening. The door opens automatically when you’re accepted by the system as the rightful owner!

However there’s less fingerprint memory than you’d get with the Verifi Smart Safe, with 15 in comparison to 40 available on Verifi. But the question is, do you even need 40 people to have access to the safe if you’re just using it at home? The upside to all of this is that it’s about half the price as well, under $200.

In case the scanner doesn’t work well there is a barrel key backup option. It’s located underneath the tab right above the fingerprint scanner.

This safe can also be mounted on the wall for extra security. The mounting holes are located in the bottom of the box for direct mounting. Since it weighs about 15 lbs, bolting it to the wall or another heavy object is recommended.

The interior is large enough to store smaller firearms and items that are up to 10×10 inches. Just like other safes that are primarily designed for storing firearms, this one doesn’t have fire protection.

It’s anti-theft oriented and simply a good way to secure your stuff from other folks. Since the fingerprint scanner is so fast, it’s a great option for staying safe in case of a burglary. Because you’ll have immediate access to your firearm, without worrying about your kids or anyone else getting in danger in the meantime.


  • impressive, quick finger scanner
  • up to 15 finger memory
  • large enough to store firearms
  • can be bolted to the wall or another object
  • very affordable price, around $200
  • can be powered by an AC adapter (included) or batteries
  • 5 year warranty


  • isn’t fireproof
  • door is a bit noisy when it opens, which could potentially alert an intruder
  • mixed user reviews, with some customers loving it, while others complain about the door being too noisy and the scanner not being as fail-proof as advertised

5. Ivation Electronic Home and Office Safe

Ivation is a nice looking safe that can be bolted to a wall, floor, or any other object. It’s also really affordable, about $100. It weighs 24 pounds.

The lock type is a simple electronic keypad, while it also has a hidden turnkey lock for manual opening in case of an emergency. There are concealed hinges and dual steel locking bolts for securing the safe to the wall or another object.

It’s powered by 4 AA batteries which come with the package. The interior contains a shelf for easier organization.

As far as dimensions and weight are concerned, here are the specifics:

Dimensions: 14”x10”x10”, Weight: 24lbs;

Speaking of downsides, one user mentioned a strong chemical smell from the inside of the safe, which didn’t go away after a few weeks of use. So if that’s any concern to you, you’ve been warned, even though that’s only one case and I haven’t seen anyone else mention this problem. Overall, the customer reviews are very positive.

So all things considered, if you’re looking for an affordable medium-sized safe, this one is a safe bet (no pun intended).


  • large enough to store cash, jewelry, documents, handgun
  • affordable price (around $100)
  • it can be secured to the wall, floor, etc.
  • powered by batteries so it will work in case of a power outage


  • not fire-resistant
  • you’ll have to replace batteries in order for it to function
  • one user complained that the interior side has a chemical odor

6. AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

If you’re worried of a fire destroying your valuables, this fire-resistant safe is a great option It’s been proven by Intertek testing that it can withstand 20 minutes at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 14 gauge heavy-duty steel construction ensures that no smashing or cutting will work either. It can be bolted to a wall with the 5 large bolts that come with the package. But it’s 90 lbs heavy, so it would be too easy to steal it anyway, especially if it’s loaded with heavy items.

The electronic keypad lock is simple to use, and there’s a backup key for emergency situations. This safe is also pretty big, and it has two removable shelves so that you can maximize the 2.1 cubic feet of space. There are also 0.83 cub ft and 1.24 cub ft options available on Amazon.

Here are the full dimensions of the 2.1. cubic space safe:

Interior: 15.2″ x 9.6″ x 24.4″ (L x W x H)

Exterior: 16.9″ x 13.8″ x 26.0″ (L x W x H)

Coupled with a classy design, this safe would look good in pretty much any modern setting.

Under $250 and with a 4/5 star rating from over 200 customers, this is a really reliable option for protecting your belongings both from thieves, fires and floods.


  • large, and has removable shelves
  • 90 pounds heavy, and can also be bolted to something for extra security
  • FIRE RESISTANT, heavy duty steel construction
  • affordable price, under $250
  • available in 3 different sizes


  • It has only basic technology. In other words, it lacks tamper alerts, event logs etc. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it’s low maintenance. So it depends more on whether you want those extra features in the first place or not.

7. BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe

This Barska safe is one of the most popular options on the safe market. It’s a small biometric safe that allows you to store up to 30 fingerprints. The 2.5-sec access is the icing on the cake, and can really come in handy in case of a break in, fire hazard etc.

it has a hidden keyhole, so in case when a battery runs low you can use it to access your goodies. Since it’s pretty small, you can mount this safe anywhere really; next to your bed, under the bed, in the closet or anywhere else for quick access.

Here are the dimensions and weight:

Exterior size: 12 x 8 x 7.75

Interior size: 11.5 x 7.5 x 5.75

Weight: 12 lbs


  • fast and very reliable fingerprint scanner lock
  • can memorize up to 120 fingerprints
  • strong steel construction
  • easy to mount and store due to relatively small dimensions
  • one year warranty
  • under $300 on Amazon


  • It’s not fire or waterproof. Again, I have to mention the water-resistant and fire-resistant bags which cost around $20. This bag in particular is pretty big and it can withstand around 1000 degree Fahrenheit for an extended period of time. So if you get a safe that isn’t fire resistant and waterproof, this is a simple way to additionally secure your documents, cash and jewelry from those dangers.

8. Steelwater AMSWS-610C 2-Hour Fireproof Safe

This large Steelwater is the best (and most expensive) home safe on our list. No other safe comes near it in terms of fire-resistant capabilities. It can withstand up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours!

It features a state of the art combination dial lock (which can be changed to a digital lock by contacting the manufacturer). Keep in mind that if you decide to switch to the digital keypad lock, you’ll also need to use batteries to power it. With only the combination lock, no power is necessary.

The construction is made of really thick steel, coupled with chrome plated active locking bolts. You can also bolt it to the floor, but considering the fact that it’s 195 lbs heavy, it might not be necessary at all.

Size and weight:

Exterior Dimensions (HxWxD): 22 1/4″ x 18 1/4″ x 18 3/8″

Interior Dimensions (HxWxD):14 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2 ”

Exterior Tray Dimensions (HxWxD): 2 1/8″ x 12 1/2″ x 11 1/4″

Interior Capacity: 1.45 Cubic Ft

Overall, this is the most secure line of home safes on the market. It’s fireproof, waterproof and has an excellent lock and 2-layer steel construction that can prevent even the most serious break-in attempts.

The price is in line with these excellent features, and it costs around $600, or around $350 for the smaller model.


  • extremely fireproof
  • 2-layers steel construction
  • combination lock + visual guard by default, or you can have it changed to a digital lock by contacting the manufacturer
  • large dimensions + removable shelves
  • 195 lbs heavy


Quoted from the product page: Undeliverable to New York with zip codes beginning in (100-104) & (110-119), some remote areas such as islands, areas accessible only by toll bridge or ferry service, union states, etc. Please contact us to verify. THIS PRODUCT IS SHIPPED BY TRACTOR TRAILER. Please read over shipping details to prevent delivery issues. Contact us for questions and/or other delivery options.

9. Viking VS-50BLX Biometric Safe

This is a medium sized biometric safe that has two lock-types. You can choose to use the fast fingerprint setting or enter a PIN code.

As many other safes that are focused on fast and easy access to a firearm, it’s not fire-resistant. This is sort of a trade-off; you get an advanced lock but not the fireproofing qualities of lower tech safes. So it’s really up to you which feature you find to be more important.

Speaking of high tech locks, the fingerprint scanner can memorize up to 32 fingerprints and you can have a unique PIN Code as well. There is also the backup, four-prong cross key option in case both of those malfunction (which is highly unlikely). There’s also a beeping sound that warns you in case the door is left unlocked, which you can turn on or off manually if you want to.

Size and weight:

  • External Dimensions: H 19.69” (508 mm) x W 13.78”(305 mm) x D 12.21” (355 mm)
  • Internal Dimensions: H 19.29” (502 mm) x W 12.5” (298 mm) x D 9.25” (349 mm)
  • 1.94 cubic feet
  • Weight: 48 lbs (22 kg)

In terms of design, this safe really excels in its interior, which is all carpeted, has built-in LED light and 3 adjustable shelves.


  • large, well looking interior with 3 fully adjustable shelves
  • fingerprint lock, keypad lock and backup key lock
  • it can memorize up to 32 fingerprints
  • beeping sound if left unlocked by accident
  • you can bolt it to the wall, floor etc.
  • realistic price (under $250)
  • 1 year warranty
  • extremely well rated by previous customers


  • not fireproof/waterproof

10. Stack-On PFS-1608 Fireproof Safe

This is a relatively small safe (11.8 x 15 x 11.8 inches) with a welded-steel construction. It has an electronic lock AND it’s fireproof. This combination is what makes it unique when compared with other safes, which usually either have an electronic lock but aren’t fireproof, or vice-versa. So if you want the combination of these two useful features, this safe definitely delivers.

It also has a nice, carpeted interior and a removable foam padded shelf. The door opens at a 180 degree angle, which allows for easily storing stuff and taking it out.

It requires 4 AA batteries for the lock to run properly. The first 4 are included in the package and should be enough for approximately 6 months, based on the experience of other users. In case the batteries run out and you haven’t replaced them, you can use the backup key. The manufacturer recommends Polaroid AA batteries because they last long.

This safe weighs around 50 lbs, so it’s not exactly light but it isn’t too heavy either. So a thief could potentially steal it based on weight alone. This is why bolting it to the wall or the floor is advised for extra security if you’re worried about break-ins. The bolt down hardware is also part of the package so you just have to do the dirty work.

Lastly, 87% of customers gave this home safe a 5 star review on Amazon, and you can read their testimonials on its Amazon product page.


  • electronic lock
  • fireproof, up to 1400 degree Fahrenheit for 30 minutes
  • removable shelf and enough space to store larger items, like a firearm
  • mounting hardware included
  • great reviews from regular customers who’ve been using it for a long time
  • affordable price (under $150)


  • None. If the size suits you requirements, and you like having an electronic lock with a PIN, go for it.

Final Thoughts

The things to look for when buying a safe are always the same: strong steel construction and an even tougher lock. This will never change, and if you watch sci-fi movies that are supposedly predicting the future, you’ll always notice that a vault/safe has these same characteristics.

You can go a bit fancier with the lock and use an electronic one or one with a biometric scanner, or stick to a traditional combination lock or key. The biometric fingerprint scanner is helpful if you have employees or family who you’d like to have access to the safe without worrying that they’ll lose the PIN or the key, or even worse, give it to someone else. On top of that, it’s pretty cool to have a fingerprint lock, and the coolness is something worth considering when purchasing a safe as well!

So in this article I’ve reviewed 10 great safes that are available in 2022., some that are more low tech and others that are more tech heavy, and have advanced locks, temper alerts, event logs etc. I’ve also made sure to include the best small, medium-sized and large safes so that you can find the one that suits your storage requirements.

From personal experience I can tell you that having a safe is a real stress reliever, simply because I don’t have to worry about other people stealing my money or reading through my diary or the fantasy novel that I’m currently writing. So if you have valuable items you wish to secure from others grasp, having a safe makes the job much easier and more effective. Hope this helps!

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