Burglar Proof Your Doggie Door: DIY Tips & Best Doors!

You’ve probably noticed that your doggie door is too big, and someone could use it to break into your home.

That’s especially true if you have a large dog like a St Bernard or a Husky. They need large gaps to move through and these gaps can be exploited by burglars.

Here’s proof that having a large doggie door is like posting a welcome sign to burglars:

Having said that, here are some easy tips that you can use to make your doggie door burglar proof:

1. Lock the door

A simple lock and key for the dog door can be an effective burglar deterrent.

Of course, smaller doors are usually not thick enough to hold a deadbolt lock for example. But if the door is big enough for a burglar to crawl through, it’s safe to assume that your dog is large enough to push a relatively thick wooden door that can hold a solid lock. I recommend this Kwikset Single Cylinder Deadbolt.

So when you’re going away, simply lock the dog door and it should be just as safe as the other doors that lead into your home.

2. Get a secure dog door

Not all doggie doors are equally secure. There are some models that are stronger and have various security features like automatic closing and opening connected to a collar, and flaps that open just enough for a pet to come in and out.

One of the best dog doors that I’ve seen is the High Tech Dog Door from Amazon. There are medium and large size to choose from, and it has tons of useful features:

  • Motor driven sliding door that responds to an ultrasonic collar
  • Opens only when the pet is on direct approach so it’s completely secure. If the pet is sleeping or just wandering around the door it won’t open
  • 4 way access control so you can select options: In Only, Out Only, Full Access or Closed & Locked
  • Fully airtight seal protects against wind, rain and noise
  • Automatic deadbolt lock for extra security
  • It’s designed for dogs that are up to 100 pounds

Also check out this video review:

There are more affordable dog doors on the market (check the product page for current price and customer reviews) but if you’re looking for full security this one is pretty awesome.

Another very popular secure dog door is Plexidor Dog Door. It uses a simple lock and no sensors but it’s made from tough steel and plexiglass panels, looks nice and is very durable. This is a door I’d get if I had more than one dog. Important features include:

  • Lock, key and steel security plate
  • Energy efficient weather seal and saloon-style plexiglass panels
  • Designed for dogs up to 100 pounds
  • Made in the USA, with 5 year limited residential warranty

3. Use warning signs/stickers

You can deter burglars by using warning signs like “Beware of the dog” or “Surveillance 24-7” etc.

If you have a large dog door, the burglar will automatically suspect that you have a large dog.

Even if it’s a cuddly dog that doesn’t mind strangers, the burglar doesn’t have to know it!

Place a warning sign and they’ll probably avoid using the doggie door and perhaps breaking into your home in general.

4. Monitor the door area

Ring WiFi Video Doorbell

Use a home security camera or a video doorbell to monitor the door and the surrounding area.

There are many cameras and video doorbells with motion sensors that can send you an alert if they detect any strange movement.

Your dog could get in the way and accidentally trigger the sensor if you leave the dog door open.

But if you close it and lock it, the alert system can be very useful.

Then you can check what’s going on through the camera lens by using the app installed on your electronic device (laptop, tablet, smartphone..).

Recommended security camera: Reolink 1080P Outdoor WiFi Camera

Recommended video doorbell: Ring WiFi Doorbell

5. Remove the dog door

If your current doggie door is causing you too much stress and you don’t have the money or willingness to upgrade it or replace it, it’s best to eliminate it altogether. That way you won’t have to worry about the security risk at all.

This will inconvenience your dog if he’s grown used to the doggie door, but if it’s the only way to avoid a home invasion all bets are off.


Burglar proofing a dog door can be done by; installing a deadbolt lock, replacing it with a more secure dog door or removing it altogether.

Other than these methods, you can also improve security by using a surveillance device such as a home security camera or a video doorbell with motion sensor technology. These can also act as deterrence.

The most affordable deterrent is a simple warning sign or sticker that warns any potential intruder that you have a big and mean dog guarding your home. Most burglars will avoid entering a home with a dangerous dog altogether so this can definitely help as well.

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