How to Sleep With the Window Open Safely

Whether it’s a hot summer night or the air in your room is getting stuffy, you might want to keep the window open while you’re sleeping. Perhaps not even all the way open, just cracked open a little. But you’re worried about a potential break-in.

It’s true that for maximum security you’d want to keep all possible entrance points to your home closed and locked, including all windows. However, this doesn’t mean that your home will necessarily be an easy target for intruders if one or more windows are open.

There are multiple factors that determine the security risk of keeping a window open. There are also good ways to minimize the risk, and we’ll cover the actually important ones in this article.

Security Risks & Solutions

1. Accessibility of the window

Is it a ground floor window that someone can easily access? Or is it window on the upper floor? If in order to reach the window from the outside you’d have to do some crazy parkour moves your risks are obviously reduced.

But this doesn’t mean that any window on a higher floor is hard to reach. A balcony, a tall tree leaning towards the window, a staircase, a ladder or any similar object that can be used for climbing can increase the risk substantially.

The obvious way to minimize this risk is to remove such objects if possible. Don’t keep a ladder out in the open. Cut or trim any vegetation that could help the burglar in his ascent. To make their job harder, plant large and spiky shrubbery there instead.

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2. Window size

Is it a large window that an adult person could easily move through? Or is it a small window that only a slim person lubed up with olive oil (or a different lube of your choice) could squeeze through?

If it’s a small bathroom window you have little to worry about, and could probably leave it open even while away from home as far as burglars are concerned.

3. Window bars

Window bars are those relatively thick metal bars placed on a window. They are very hard to remove, requiring machinery and a lot of noise. Window bars would allow you to keep the window fully open with very little risk.

The downside of window bars is that they are just as difficult to remove from the inside as they are from the outside. So in case of an emergency, this window wouldn’t be of much help as an exit point.

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3. Security camera with motion detection

There are various ways to secure a window area as you enjoy the influx of cool air. Arguably the best one is to monitor the area with a security camera.

But not just any security camera. It should have a motion detection system. So when it catches movement in the area, you will get notified through the app on your electronic device. Then you can respond quickly to any imminent danger.

There are obviously more complex security systems including alarms and multiple cameras. But if you’re only concerned about one window, a single camera could do a good job without breaking bank.

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4. Motion detection floodlights

Home intruders are always concerned about being seen. If a powerful floodlight activates as soon as they step close to an area they are likely to avoid it. If they decide to enter anyway, there’s a greater chance that someone will spot them and call the cops.

However, this obviously depends on the position of the window, whether it’s facing a street, a friendly neighbor or an uninhabited and isolate area.

5. Have your dog in the room

Dogs are more easily disturbed by environmental noise than most humans, especially by creepy noises that could be coming from an intruder. There is a evolutionary reason for this trait, as dogs were domesticated to safeguard lifestock and human dwellings.

So in case someone tries to break into your home, a puddle could be the best alarm ever. Of course, you know your dog better than anyone else, so it’s up to you to evaluate whether this is true in your case as well.

Final Word: How to Sleep Safely With a Window Open

Windows and doors are the major entrance points and security risks in any regular house or apartment.

If you decide to keep your window open while sleeping, make sure to implement at least one of these precautions. Make the window harder to reach. Monitor it with a security camera or alarm system that has motion detection technology.

The best long-term strategy is to install strong window bars that not even a small baby could pass, not to mention a guy or gal with bad intentions.

So I hope this security information helps! Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below!

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